I was born in Aarhus in 1949. After having trained and worked as both a youth worker and a social worker, painting became my full time occupation. I have drawn and painted in my spare time almost all my life, but it was only in 1989 that I began to become interested in doing exhibition.
I am a self-taught - although I have taken part in various courses at the Aarhus Art Academy, Holbaek Art School and at the Iassos Art School in Turkey.

I alternate between doing was crayon drawings, acrylic paintings, oil paintings and collages. I also do decoration assignments, leaflets, lithography, poster and postcards. My style is generally an abstract expression, full of colour, where the motives often arise spontaneously or as a medley of natural impressions, musical experiences, dreams, conversations and journeys, in addition to the various sensory impressions from everyday life.